All parents want the best for their kids. We at All Kids Matter certainly do. We want them to grow up learning to have values, to excel in virtues and to be individuals who give and demand respect to others whatever their feelings, backgrounds, culture, religious affiliation or language. We also want to see an end to all types of bullying.

A news item on a leading LGBTI website[1] which has been “setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979” caught our eye in mid-January. It reported that “ninety per cent of LGBTI Australians are against the religious exemptions proposed in the government’s draft marriage equality bill”.

Those who entered into the LGBTI advocacy groups’ survey[2] stated that people and businesses should not have the freedom to say yes or no to providing certain services based on freedom of conscience or belief. This freedom, the researchers state, “entrenches prejudice and discrimination”.

Let’s get something clear: All Kids Matter isn’t about marriage. But we are about:

  • freedom for us as parents to protect our children from unscientific and unproven ideologies,
  • freedom for us as parents to know what our children will be taught about human sexuality,
  • freedom for us as parents to have the option of withdrawing a child from a class if so desired, and
  • freedom for us as parents to be listened to – and for our beliefs to be accepted or rejected

and all of this done with respect. The State is not the first educator of children. Parents are!

We all know, accept and respect people who are linked to the LGBTI community. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept everything that other people believe and do. We would never demand the same from them. And everyone believes in something: some people believe solely in the Government; an agnostic believes in the freedom not to believe; an atheist believes in the non-existence of a supreme being.

Some believe, and very strongly as we do, that money cut from a future State government’s education budget should not be spent on encouraging the teaching of transgender education.

The developers of the unsafe Safe Schools program, which Labor have promised to fund in WA to the tune of $1.4 million,[3] no longer want the average Aussie to have the freedom to believe what they choose to believe about human sexuality. They only wish for their recently discovered, unscientific beliefs to be upheld in public. Isn’t this entrenched in prejudice and discrimination towards the majority? Er… yes!

We aren’t trying to stop anyone from teaching children privately in their care whatever they wish to teach. We aren’t prejudiced and discriminatory about laying down blanket rules for everyone. We are about permitting our children to understand the value and the importance of having the freedom of conscience and of us each respecting the values and beliefs of our neighbours. Safe Schools does not permit this.

Rejecting Safe Schools for us is about freedom for our children and the rejection of prejudice and discrimination in a different guise. Our votes reject Labor and Green policies[4] that seek to fund unsafe Safe Schools.

For the sake of all kids in WA: we ask you to think carefully – and vote wisely.