SEX AND GENDER: How Safe is Your Child's School?

Steve's Story on 'Safe Schools'

BREAKING VIDEO: Watch Steve, a heroic father, talk about the ‘Safe Schools’ program in his daughter’s school. "It was all about gender identity, promoting LGBTI issues, you know, people say teaching about penis tucking and breast binding, I saw the links, I saw the material there, people talk about teaching kids to hide their internet history, I saw that it was it was all there…" . Every parent must watch this video. THANK YOU STEVE FOR BEING SO BRAVE!

Posted by You're Teaching Our Children What? on Monday, June 27, 2016

Background to points stated on the back of the yellow flyer

Point 1: “Safe Schools is promoted as an anti-bullying program but in fact is a radical gender ideology program.”

Proof: Roz Ward – a founding members of the Safe Schools Coalition – admits it herself in this YouTube video –

Point 2 (a): Children are taught that they should not use the term “boys and girls…”

Proof: The Safe Schools’ resource ‘All of Us’ under the heading ‘Inclusive Terms’ on p.54 (see

Point 2 (b): Children are taught that… being heterosexual is not the norm.

Proof: One of the many posters that Safe Schools recommends be put up in schools and classrooms from the ‘Minus18’ resources states “GROSS! BEING STRAIGHT IS TOTALLY JUST A PHASE.”

Point 3: Safe Schools tells students they have two virginities, their first time with a boy and their first time with a girl.

Proof: Safe Schools’ resource Minus18 booklet ‘OMG I’m Queer’ p10.

Link to full resource available from…/P…/OMG%20Im%20Queer.pdf

Point 4: “Students who question any Safe Schools content report being bullied.”

Proof: One of many examples shows dad, Steve, sharing how his daughter was marginalised for not complying with the program (see Steve’s video here on this website).

Point 5: “Safe schools pressures children to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism.”

Proof: Parents tell of their children being ostracised and shamed for not complying with gay celebration days and initiatives. (The Daily Telegraph – Miranda Devine, July 19, 2016 –

Point 6: “Safe Schools teaches children that traditional cultural, moral and religious beliefs are unacceptable.”

Proof: Teachers are told to ignore/overrule parental concerns. (See the screen shots on ‘point 5 on our Facebook page) where teachers are told “parents don’t have the power to shut this down” and school leadership can tell parents “you know what – we’re doing it anyway – tough luck”.

Timothy Jones, senior lecturer in History at La Trobe University, said: “The most critical findings of the Safe Schools Coalition were that some resources ‘may not be suitable for use in some faith-based schools.’”

Watch the video on our homepage to see parents in Victoria voice their valid concerns how this program clashes with their family values and what schools are being encouraged to teach our kids.

Point 7: Gender ideology is taught in all subjects across the curriculum.

Proof: Feedback from a 15 year old Victorian School student:

Impacts of “Safe” Schools

– Spoken about in almost every subject, especially health subjects. It claims it is an opt-in program but when you are forced to do a health subject where it is integrated into all of them you can’t get out of it.

– Becomes a higher priority than other more important world issues. One day the wall was filled with students’ posters about health issues in other countries and morbidity and mortality rates but then the next day the posters were gone and replace with LGBTI posters.

– The posters are plastered all over the school. If you walk down the hallway you find posters. Entering the coordinators you find about 15 stuck in various locations. The posters are everywhere you go and it is impossible to not go by one every day. This means the content is taught as the truth to everyone even if they don’t really want to know about it. It is subconsciously being taught to everyone all day without them even noticing.

– It makes students who aren’t LGBTI or who don’t agree with it feel inferior, and those who do feel superior to others

Read many more such testimonies at

Flyer content:

“The program takes a whole-of-school approach – parents cannot opt-out. The program overrides their parental right to shape their child’s moral values.”

Proof: Schools told to ignore/override parental concern of the program at a Safe Schools national symposium for educators (The Australian – March 22, 2016 – )



SEX AND GENDER: How Safe is Your Child’s School?

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