WA’s Labor leader, Mark McGowan, has promised that, if WA elects Labor to govern us, his party will cut a whopping $1.4 million dollars of from education (1) to spend on a program that encourages our kids to consider different sexual and gender identities and to explore a huge range of dangerous sexual behaviours. (If you think Labor is crazy, the Greens have committed to $32 million of Federal funding (2) over a four-year period to the same cause. No, we’re not making this up.)

A collection of programs (3) which together are called Safe Schools Coalition Australia (4) (best known as ‘Safe Schools’) will teach all our kids that “only [they] know whether [they] are a boy or a girl. No one can tell [them]” (5). Well, that quickly cancels out any difference of opinion from us as parents or even from doctors!

Although Labor wants to “ensure public secondary schools can participate in the Safe Schools program in Western Australia”, in other states this gender-bending education, which began in high schools, is now being taught and encouraged to children from aged 4 upwards. Do we want this for WA in a few years’ time?

All Kids Matter is not a political organisation. We are made up of grassroots mums and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and others who care deeply about kids, their development and education. We will stand by our children whatever their struggles and we will love them through thick and thin. But the attention we want from our State government in our public schools is a solid education.

We don’t want $1.4 million of taxpayers’ money cut from education to indoctrinate the State’s kids with newly created and unscientific gender ideology during their formative years surrounding puberty, and especially not to eventually be introduced at the start of Primary school education. We want our hard earned taxes spent on providing basic materials like sports equipment so that our young people can be healthy, and on text books so they can learn to think for themselves and not be indoctrinated.

Labor and the Greens have shown their true colors. If these, or any other parties, want to be taken seriously when it comes to governing a State or Territory, then we advise they start by thinking about what the majority of voters ultimately work hard for and care most about – our kids.

We’re voting for those who are focused on what is best for kids’ futures, not for those who proudly endorse unscientific ideologies from minority groups. Why would pollies force this stuff onto our State’s amazing teachers who already have enough pressures teaching kids?

There are already some amazing anti-bullying programs in WA that treat all kids equally and with respect.

Your vote is not just about giving a political party a fair go over the next four years. We beg you: consider very, very carefully what our kids’ long-term welfare looks like here in WA. Four years of transgender education forms the thinking of every young mind, and often for a lifetime. We need to vote for common sense to prevail, not a rise of nonsense.

For the sake of all kids in WA: think carefully – and vote wisely.