Public Schools Banned from Gender Theory

We recently learnt that NSW public schools are now banned from teaching gender theory[1] in their classrooms. Gender theory is one of the main topics of Safe Schools.

So why is Mark McGowan and the WA Labor Party proudly committing to cut $1.4 million from the education budget to support, and even encourage[2], Safe Schools in WA public schools?

Why are Labor, and the Greens, keen to spend four years getting our kids to focus on sexually explicit material across the entire school curriculum which has been tried and rejected[3] in other parts of the nation?

It doesn’t make sense. And even more frightening is the lack of respect for our kids’ welfare, and for their education.

Even Labor MP Greg Donnelly, who has campaigned for the removal of Safe Schools, is saying that mums and dads are entitled to know what unsafe Safe Schools resources are all about.

It is no small thing when the sex and health education resources of Australia’s largest state are independently reviewed and conclude that Aussie kids should not be taught that gender is a “social construct”, or that sexuality is “non-binary” which means that it can constantly change from male to female or anything inbetween.

Who wants their kids heading to school to be taught that today they might be “straight”, another day “gay”, another day “transgender” or “bisexual” or any shade or shape of sexual “preference”? Or that they might feel like a girl in a boy’s body one day and a boy in a girl’s body another? We don’t.

We are parents. Our kids are precious to us. We all know how tough puberty and sexuality can be but further confusing WA’s kids with layers of “queer” theory will only make tough lives even tougher.

We totally reject Safe Schools. It has been sold as an anti-bullying program but a founding leader, Roz Ward, said publicly that it is “not about stopping bullying. It’s about gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual – say the words – transgender, intersex.”[4]

Why are Labor and the Greens selling voters a lie while equally setting out to damage those we care about most – our kids? Either they don’t care, or they are massively out of touch.

A last thought: It’s interesting how we’ve been told in recent years that sexuality is fixed and that no one can change their sexual orientation – unless they’re going from “straight to gay” of course. How come almost overnight a young generation is now being told the complete opposite?

For the sake of all kids in WA: think carefully – and vote wisely.




Labor-ing Nonsense

WA’s Labor leader, Mark McGowan, has promised that, if WA elects Labor to govern us, his party will cut a whopping $1.4 million dollars of from education (1) to spend on a program that encourages our kids to consider different sexual and gender identities and to explore a huge range of dangerous sexual behaviours. (If you think Labor is crazy, the Greens have committed to $32 million of Federal funding (2) over a four-year period to the same cause. No, we’re not making this up.)

A collection of programs (3) which together are called Safe Schools Coalition Australia (4) (best known as ‘Safe Schools’) will teach all our kids that “only [they] know whether [they] are a boy or a girl. No one can tell [them]” (5). Well, that quickly cancels out any difference of opinion from us as parents or even from doctors!

Although Labor wants to “ensure public secondary schools can participate in the Safe Schools program in Western Australia”, in other states this gender-bending education, which began in high schools, is now being taught and encouraged to children from aged 4 upwards. Do we want this for WA in a few years’ time?

All Kids Matter is not a political organisation. We are made up of grassroots mums and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and others who care deeply about kids, their development and education. We will stand by our children whatever their struggles and we will love them through thick and thin. But the attention we want from our State government in our public schools is a solid education.

We don’t want $1.4 million of taxpayers’ money cut from education to indoctrinate the State’s kids with newly created and unscientific gender ideology during their formative years surrounding puberty, and especially not to eventually be introduced at the start of Primary school education. We want our hard earned taxes spent on providing basic materials like sports equipment so that our young people can be healthy, and on text books so they can learn to think for themselves and not be indoctrinated.

Labor and the Greens have shown their true colors. If these, or any other parties, want to be taken seriously when it comes to governing a State or Territory, then we advise they start by thinking about what the majority of voters ultimately work hard for and care most about – our kids.

We’re voting for those who are focused on what is best for kids’ futures, not for those who proudly endorse unscientific ideologies from minority groups. Why would pollies force this stuff onto our State’s amazing teachers who already have enough pressures teaching kids?

There are already some amazing anti-bullying programs in WA that treat all kids equally and with respect.

Your vote is not just about giving a political party a fair go over the next four years. We beg you: consider very, very carefully what our kids’ long-term welfare looks like here in WA. Four years of transgender education forms the thinking of every young mind, and often for a lifetime. We need to vote for common sense to prevail, not a rise of nonsense.

For the sake of all kids in WA: think carefully – and vote wisely.


No Gender December: When did ‘gender’ become such a dirty word?

Welcome to No Gender December, an annual Christmas campaign championed by the Greens to stop parents from buying their children toys that perpetrate “gender stereotypes”.

Image from Daily Telegraph

This year’s crackpot theme is “Buy a boy a Barbie” — whether he wants it or not. He may want a big yellow Tonka truck but in this brave new world of gender totalitarianism, he has to have a doll.

What would Santa say?

Gender ideology’s encroachment on Christmas coincides with a push by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to set gender quotas to coerce more men into female-dominated “caring professions” such as nursing and teaching. This Orwellian-sounding agency, funded by the federal government to the tune of $6.3 million a year, now wants men to take jobs from women, under the guise of gender equity.

Director Libby Lyons said last week she wants to smash the “industrial and occupational segregation’’ in teaching and nursing”.

“Set a target,’’ she told The Saturday Telegraph. “That’s how you get cultural change.’’

But why do we need “cultural change”? Why not just let men and women choose the jobs that suit them? While we need more male teachers in our schools, a quota from a government agency is the last way to achieve the goal.

And why not let children play with toys that interest them?

Why must society be reorganised to suit gender theorists and their neo-Marxist view of a genderless world?

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