About us

All Kids Matter (Australia) is based in Western Australia and consists of a grassroots group of concerned parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, married, divorced and single people from a range of cultures, ages, sexual attractions and political persuasions.

We share the common goal of standing up for all children, irrespective of their backgrounds and current situations and feelings, which is why we have chosen to use rainbow hands in our logo.
We aren’t opposed to anybody. Neither are we campaigners for any specific political party. We merely seek to expose any politician’s or party’s policies that we believe might cause harm to minors.

We are vehemently against any form of bullying. We believe that programs founded on scientific evidence be used to assist young people in and outside of schools to build communities of respect and understanding where freedom of speech and differences in opinion can be expressed and given careful consideration.

All of our children have an equal dignity and are of equal value. No one group should rise above or diminish another. It is for this reason that we have chosen to spend our time and energy on alerting others to the inappropriately named ‘Safe’ Schools resources.

Comments from our Team

“I’m a teacher and a mother and will always stand for truth. On close examination of the “Safe” Schools’ resources, I was shocked to see that behaviour modification was being used as a tool in the delivery of the lessons. Activities such as answering a sexual advertisement in the personal columns and signing an ‘Ally Contract’ (a document signed by the child that states they will not bully LGBTQI people) are some examples of the behaviour modification techniques used.  Any child voicing a different view, i.e. traditional values, are ostracised and their non-conforming opinion is to be recorded by the teacher. This in itself can be seen as bullying and a lack of respect for difference.
“Teaching children to respect all people regardless of race, colour, religion, creed or belief systems is vital.  This resource discriminates against anyone that holds a different view to the LGBTQI point of view and is not an authentic anti-bullying program. I believe it is possible to love and respect LGBTQI people without participating in their belief systems.
“Schools should never be a platform for pushing social agendas and, in my professional and personal opinion, that is exactly what the “Safe” Schools’ resources aim to do.”

“I live in the City of Swan and have eight nieces and nephews. I am married to a childcare worker who, like me, is very worried about the over-sexualisation of children and their being fed a radical gender ideology that confuses and distorts their self-image.”

“I am a 17 year old woman, and have recently graduated from a public high school located in Western Australia.
As I observe my peers, it seems that the more “choices” they are introduced to regarding gender identification, the more I see these young people struggle with their sexual identity.
I have noted those of my friends who take gender diversity into account often suffer confusion due lack of proper sexual identification.

Knowing who “you” are as an individual, regardless of gender, is a quintessential foundation, that in today’s era, has been overlooked by the up-coming generation of young people, myself included.

Without these critical foundations, we are lost and confused, and most often we are turned away when we sought out help. Due to this identity crisis and lack of care, we have been led to believe that “anything goes” regarding sexuality and gender.
Those who “come out” are seen as cool and are respected, but any voiced opinion that defends the binary understanding of men and women are silenced, attacked, bullied and forced to conform to gender-fluid ideologies, or else face the shameful label of “Homophobic/Transphobic”.

As a teenager in a public high school, there were people of varying gender identities, and we accepted them for who they were. What they were didn’t come into the equation. We just accepted them.
We do not need a ‘Safe’ Schools policy to teach us that everybody, no matter their gender identity, needs to be accepted. We do not need to be taught using the pronouns “he/she” “him/her” are offensive and politically incorrect. And we most definitely do not need to be indoctrinated by this new so-called “anti-bullying” coalition.

Students need to learn more about respect for one another and what’s good about being men and women and not to have their heads messed any further with resources from a radical gender ideology program which sugar coats gender fluidity, and prioritises those who are supportive of LGBTI ideologies.”

“I am a grandmother with nine grandchildren. I care about all kids and want them to be treated equally. I am particularly concerned that the gender dysphoria agenda is being rammed down children’s throats and that being heterosexual is being eroded as a normal way of living life.”

“I’m a dad with a daughter who will soon move up to high school. I have no problem with mixed sports teams but get concerned if boys believing they are girls will be allowed to compete against my daughter in athletics, or may be allowed to use her toilet block or change rooms in the future. I also come into contact with some of our amazing high schoolers on a weekly basis. I see the pain and confusion already sown into some of their minds about sexual matters and around their sexual identity. I don’t want to see them further confused and indoctrinated with new ideas that have no historical or scientific backing to them.”

“I joined All Kids Matter because I have a heart to see all children thrive and flourish in school. I have a beautiful three-year old niece and I want her to keep her childlike innocence for as long as possible. I want school to be a safe, healthy and warm place for her.”

“I am father to three children. My two oldest kids recently graduated from the local public high school here in WA. After meetings and correspondence with the same school, where my youngest daughter has just started, I was given no guarantee that she would not be exposed to ‘Safe’ Schools’ ideologies so felt compelled to withdraw her from the school. I have done this to also raise awareness to other parents in the surrounding communities.”