Our concerns are coming true

Some of the concerns we at All Kids Matter have mentioned previously seem to be being confirmed this week.

Out of all the responses we have received to our simple yellow flyer, two-fifths have been positive. One- fifth has been regular enquiries from people who had never heard of Safe Schools. Another fifth has been negative and containing some nasty and unprintable name-calling, and the final fifth has been a barrage of sign-ups to gay porn websites, fetish clubs, etc all done on our behalf and without our permission – and wow, do those sites know how to sink your Inbox with a stream of XXX-related material.

Some of those who shout for tolerance have shown the greatest intolerance towards us even though we want the very best for all children – yes, all children. Isn’t it common sense that educational resources need to be the best and most accurate possible, especially when touching on aspects of minors’ social and sexual development? Shouldn’t every government and political party hold this view?

We care about all kids receiving appropriate material at the appropriate time of their development.

We care about all school students receiving honest and scientific information that will help them to be as fully-informed as possible through the tender years of child and teen development.

We care about all our kids learning respect, tolerance and compassion for all those around them whatever their feelings, their differences, and their circumstances.

And we seriously care about a reduction of bullying in our schools, especially the ever-increasing cyber-bullying.

All we have done is to carefully note the contents of the Safe Schools’ review completed by an eminent national academic and child protection expert, Professor Patrick Parkinson, where his final words state that “there is reason to be concerned that [the Safe Schools program] may cause harm to other young people who experience same-sex attraction or gender confusion. This is not good enough for an educational resource.”[1] In challenging a poor educational resource, we then get cyber-bullied with grossly worded assumptions about our political leanings, our sexual attractions, our level of ability to reason, as well as being mailed a stream of pornographic links. All of this and yet:

  • we believe in the best educational materials for everychild, hence the name All Kids Matter
  • we deliberately chose rainbow hands to signify our allegiance with all children in WA, irrespective of their beliefs, cultures, sexual attraction, political persuasion, gender identity, age or ethnicity, etc
  • we have listened carefully to the lived experiences and concerns of teachers, parents and students from the Eastern states who have firsthand experience of Safe Schools in their public schools
  • we have grave concerns that a program promoted to schools as being anti-bullying has in fact created a different type of bullying. When differences of opinion have been expressed which question or challenge the gender and sexual diversity “facts” contained within Safe Schools materials, the students opposing these facts have reported being bullied for merely having a difference of opinion
  • we are concerned that freedom of speech, a quality sewn into the fabric of Australian society, is being rapidly eroded with differences of opinion no longer being respected

Education is a priceless gift to WA and to Australia as a whole. If we form this present school generation with incorrect information, then what will they pass on to the generations that follow? Few people, if anybody, wins in this situation.

For the sake of all kids in WA: think very carefully – and vote wisely on 11 March.


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Public Schools Banned from Gender Theory

We recently learnt that NSW public schools are now banned from teaching gender theory[1] in their classrooms. Gender theory is one of the main topics of Safe Schools.

So why is Mark McGowan and the WA Labor Party proudly committing to cut $1.4 million from the education budget to support, and even encourage[2], Safe Schools in WA public schools?

Why are Labor, and the Greens, keen to spend four years getting our kids to focus on sexually explicit material across the entire school curriculum which has been tried and rejected[3] in other parts of the nation?

It doesn’t make sense. And even more frightening is the lack of respect for our kids’ welfare, and for their education.

Even Labor MP Greg Donnelly, who has campaigned for the removal of Safe Schools, is saying that mums and dads are entitled to know what unsafe Safe Schools resources are all about.

It is no small thing when the sex and health education resources of Australia’s largest state are independently reviewed and conclude that Aussie kids should not be taught that gender is a “social construct”, or that sexuality is “non-binary” which means that it can constantly change from male to female or anything inbetween.

Who wants their kids heading to school to be taught that today they might be “straight”, another day “gay”, another day “transgender” or “bisexual” or any shade or shape of sexual “preference”? Or that they might feel like a girl in a boy’s body one day and a boy in a girl’s body another? We don’t.

We are parents. Our kids are precious to us. We all know how tough puberty and sexuality can be but further confusing WA’s kids with layers of “queer” theory will only make tough lives even tougher.

We totally reject Safe Schools. It has been sold as an anti-bullying program but a founding leader, Roz Ward, said publicly that it is “not about stopping bullying. It’s about gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual – say the words – transgender, intersex.”[4]

Why are Labor and the Greens selling voters a lie while equally setting out to damage those we care about most – our kids? Either they don’t care, or they are massively out of touch.

A last thought: It’s interesting how we’ve been told in recent years that sexuality is fixed and that no one can change their sexual orientation – unless they’re going from “straight to gay” of course. How come almost overnight a young generation is now being told the complete opposite?

For the sake of all kids in WA: think carefully – and vote wisely.


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Raising Dishonourable Kids

All parents want the best for their kids. We at All Kids Matter certainly do. We want them to grow up learning to have values, to excel in virtues and to be individuals who give and demand respect to others whatever their feelings, backgrounds, culture, religious affiliation or language. We also want to see an end to all types of bullying.

A news item on a leading LGBTI website[1] which has been “setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979” caught our eye in mid-January. It reported that “ninety per cent of LGBTI Australians are against the religious exemptions proposed in the government’s draft marriage equality bill”.

Those who entered into the LGBTI advocacy groups’ survey[2] stated that people and businesses should not have the freedom to say yes or no to providing certain services based on freedom of conscience or belief. This freedom, the researchers state, “entrenches prejudice and discrimination”.

Let’s get something clear: All Kids Matter isn’t about marriage. But we are about:

  • freedom for us as parents to protect our children from unscientific and unproven ideologies,
  • freedom for us as parents to know what our children will be taught about human sexuality,
  • freedom for us as parents to have the option of withdrawing a child from a class if so desired, and
  • freedom for us as parents to be listened to – and for our beliefs to be accepted or rejected

and all of this done with respect. The State is not the first educator of children. Parents are!

We all know, accept and respect people who are linked to the LGBTI community. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept everything that other people believe and do. We would never demand the same from them. And everyone believes in something: some people believe solely in the Government; an agnostic believes in the freedom not to believe; an atheist believes in the non-existence of a supreme being.

Some believe, and very strongly as we do, that money cut from a future State government’s education budget should not be spent on encouraging the teaching of transgender education.

The developers of the unsafe Safe Schools program, which Labor have promised to fund in WA to the tune of $1.4 million,[3] no longer want the average Aussie to have the freedom to believe what they choose to believe about human sexuality. They only wish for their recently discovered, unscientific beliefs to be upheld in public. Isn’t this entrenched in prejudice and discrimination towards the majority? Er… yes!

We aren’t trying to stop anyone from teaching children privately in their care whatever they wish to teach. We aren’t prejudiced and discriminatory about laying down blanket rules for everyone. We are about permitting our children to understand the value and the importance of having the freedom of conscience and of us each respecting the values and beliefs of our neighbours. Safe Schools does not permit this.

Rejecting Safe Schools for us is about freedom for our children and the rejection of prejudice and discrimination in a different guise. Our votes reject Labor and Green policies[4] that seek to fund unsafe Safe Schools.

For the sake of all kids in WA: we ask you to think carefully – and vote wisely.


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