No Gender December: When did ‘gender’ become such a dirty word?

Welcome to No Gender December, an annual Christmas campaign championed by the Greens to stop parents from buying their children toys that perpetrate “gender stereotypes”.

Image from Daily Telegraph

This year’s crackpot theme is “Buy a boy a Barbie” — whether he wants it or not. He may want a big yellow Tonka truck but in this brave new world of gender totalitarianism, he has to have a doll.

What would Santa say?

Gender ideology’s encroachment on Christmas coincides with a push by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to set gender quotas to coerce more men into female-dominated “caring professions” such as nursing and teaching. This Orwellian-sounding agency, funded by the federal government to the tune of $6.3 million a year, now wants men to take jobs from women, under the guise of gender equity.

Director Libby Lyons said last week she wants to smash the “industrial and occupational segregation’’ in teaching and nursing”.

“Set a target,’’ she told The Saturday Telegraph. “That’s how you get cultural change.’’

But why do we need “cultural change”? Why not just let men and women choose the jobs that suit them? While we need more male teachers in our schools, a quota from a government agency is the last way to achieve the goal.

And why not let children play with toys that interest them?

Why must society be reorganised to suit gender theorists and their neo-Marxist view of a genderless world?

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